Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

random summer thoughts

Hi everyone, we're back.

We were on vacation last week, and though i had a half day off to recover (from the vacation) i'm still beat and playing catch up. I am currently folding clothes, blogging, drinking a glass of wine searching for my social security card, and a dozen other things all at the same time...all the while hoping peanut, who took 2 hours to get to sleep, will stay asleep long enough for me to get mostly finished with most of these tasks

we think peanut is teething...and that's the reason for his moodiness and sleep wars. if he's probably molars and they also make him into a crazy toddler who climbs everything and has no sense of danger...oh wait...i guess that's not teething. He just is such a daredevil right now. And he never stops moving.

He is also pretty talkie these days. On our vacation, we went to mn, on leech lake. one night we were on a walk and i had him in the ergo ( my favorite baby gear item, ever) and he was just taking in the scenery of the lake. It was a peaceful walk, and I was just being quiet, when he pointed to the lake and said "water." At first I thought he said wow...because he says that too...but then he pointed and said it again. I was so excited. It was a wow for me.

Since that day he's also learned to say: house, turtle, bike, and stick
and he sings to bruce springsteen and also to any spanish language channel on the radio
He's sweet, and active and a heartbreaker. Why am I at work when i could be home with him?

ok, so it's the next day. Peanut woke up and was up most of the night...seemingly uncomfortable.
Teething, I'm sure. Got him to fall asleep at last on my chest while i sat on the couch. poor little dude.

I'm going to end this post for now. Tired. Hoping someone is reading. If you are, drop me a line. This momming thing is hard. I don't know they do it at KJ and the kids.

Peanut and me last year at the lake. He was 4 months old.

Peanut this year at the lake at 16 months. Such a different lake experience. So much fun.

peanut and his uncle M. driving a pontoon boat.