Saturday, May 15, 2010

gotta start somewhere

When i was a wee thing in catholic school I remember learning about the order of things. We had to memorize our house number, street, city, county, state, country, continent, hemisphere, planet, solar system, galaxy etc, and had to recite them on request. This occurs to me now because I'm so far behind, but I don,t feel like I can skip anything. It would mess up the order. I also think I need ti start with explaining what's going on with me before I can really go into what's happening with e. That is in an ideal ordered world, which I don't live in.

As I was walking to the computer last night, in fact, I ran into my son who had just gotten out of bed to tell me the room was too dark, but actually the heat emanating from his body and flushed cheeks told me something else...he had a fever. I did take him back to bed, J was at book group, but he stayed awake for over an hour. So much for writing. But I am writing now. Literally, its been an day of working and child care...and A certain bald 4 year old who's name shall not be uttered for the next 10 hours, at least...i hope. We don't usually let e watch much TV, but right now we feel he needs it when he is sick. he doesn't slow down on his own. So it was a long day of "I'm just a kid who's 4..."

He's sleeping now and so is J. when i blog i often get very tired. Its because the light right here is poor. So I'm working in a dark corner and can hardly read the keyboard. I try to stay awake by eating snacks and drinking decaf coffee, which isn't healthy but leads me to one update.

1. I am joining weight watchers this week.
I tried lots of other things and can't stick with them...but a recent realization that I'm much bigger than I used to be (recent, more like constant nagging). I usually put myself last, but I know that is no good for heath.
me about 10 years ago...finding this picture was a wake up call.

me post half marathon.

me now.

its not even so much how I look, though Im not happy with that. It's also that I have so little that fits me well and I dont feel strong and healthy anymore. so anyway...i know this is a superficial post, but its one of my updates. I have so much more but it's 1 am, j is sick now too, and I need to get the last of the chores done.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm coming back

and I have a lot to update on. Big life stuff. not much (any) crafting, but lots of other things. If you ever read me, please keep me on task to do this update. I feel like I need to blog. Even if I don't have time to very much anymore.

E is 2. and so smart and so fun. Here is a picture of him. He's changed so much.

he did his own hair here, and ate too much sugar.

a visit to the zoo during our week on our own, that's for the update, but i love this picture.

also from our week on our own. He's walking the dog and dressed in an outfit of his own design.

Us saying goodbye to mama.

Kicking back in jammies in the yard on st. pats day.