Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday 09

wa hoo. that's what this amazing toy santa brought is called. If you have a kid this age, get one.

December 28th
Well, I've been away from blogging for a while and part of that is to do with the utter lack of time and the preponderance of things to do. But it's also because I've been on a digestive rollercoaster since Christmas eve....maybe before. Maybe my body is looking out for me so I don't overdo it on cookies and candy, but I can't eat much. At around 2 AM Xmas morning, while I was sewing a doll for my mom I could no longer deny I felt bad. What happened next was a 12 hour hell fest of many visits to the porcelain deity, constant nausea, and well, we had to un-invite my family over. We had to cancel christmas. Not for the almost 2 year old, but for everyone else. I haven't felt this sick in a very long time. Given the fact that I was under the weather for a few days, I am sure it was a bug. But it was a lot like food poisoning.

Despite all that, I managed to make some great stuff, most of which I forgot to photograph. I'm still working on the felt nativity set for peanut. Made of felt and fabric scraps. I made my sister a glasses case, quilted, to protect her sun glasses, and my mother an art yoga doll, which she was a bit surprised by at first...not in a good way. The hedge hog for my sister my law, a shirt for my brother.

my brothers bills shirt that i made, by request!!

the hedgehog pin cushion...if you've been reading for a while, you know this is a long time coming.
BLOG POST interrupted..........picked up again the flu. Seriously, while I was writing this, peanut woke up. I tried to go get him back to sleep, but he was fussy, and I got him up. Moments (and I mean moments) later, he threw up all over me and all over the living room rug. Now I was just recovering from the Xmas stomach flu. So I'm surprised how well I handled it. Also I was surprised at the volume. O Man.

Today was his first day back in the OK.

He lost weight, was really sad and threw up a lot. Worse yet, J came down with it a few hours later. So not one but 2 sick people in the house.

So I hope you all forgive me for bowing out of blogging until January. I have to get to wrk on the big craft of the xmas season. Stay tuned for that.

but before I go, I will say that the peanut has a verbal breakthrough. He talks all the time. His cute new thing though is to call himself peanut. And he says it so cutely.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthday Blog

Depending on my day, I might add more to this throughout the day.

Today is my birthday. I'm 36. I'm going to tell you 36 things about myself. You may already know them. You may not.

Here goes.

1. I was born on 12-22-73 at 22:22 hours.
2. I was born in Buffalo, NY
3. At sisters Hospital
4. during Hee Haw
5. i cried a lot as a kid
6. you might say I had a hair trigger temperament
7. i loved rudolf and santa
8. and my family of course
9. except my brother.
10. just kidding. i loved him too.
11. we are 14 months apart. every day with my son i realize what a big deal that is
12. since i was born my family has owned 5 dogs.
13. 2 died young. one of bloat. one of a collision with a car.
14. the collision with the car is one of my earliest memories.
15. i loved horses as a kid
16. and unicorns
17. i had a toy unicorn name uni.
18. it seemed like the perfect name
19. I also had a gazelle, named zelly
20. i was OBSESSED with the A-team
21. i was Face.
22. if you know the A-team you got that, if you don't, watch some A-team
23. I also loved bambi
24. and E.T.
25. i still love e.t.
26. we moved to NC when I was 8
27. where i acted out the A-team on a regular basis
28. you could say i was a tomboy
29. when I was 9.5 we moved to MA
30. When i was 11 we moved to germany
31. i was obsessed with the a-team still. also horses.
32. i rode my bike constantly
33. started to have boy friends
34. learned to play the flute
35. i tend to remember lots of childhood details
36. but i don't remember much about yesterday....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

no time, just a little holiday cheer

a tree!!!!

I mean it...I don't have time. I'm in the midst of seeking career advancement, christmasing, mothering a very needy toddler (needy in a good way, he's just got a lot going on right now)

We are so far from being done with christmas decorations and gifts that i feel a little sick thinking about it. But that might be the chocolate i just downed too....can you say sugar high?

The squirrel design is coming slowly and sorry leslie, is kinda on hold until after christmas! hope you're still reading and not disappointed. I've scrapped a couple designs because they didnt seem cool enough.

Last weekend we got a tree, at hmo dpoe. Twas fun and easy and less stressful and expensive than a treelot. That doesn't stop me from feeling a little bad about getting a tree from a big box store...i mean we are a diy christmas family, but we just can't afford a nice tree from a lot or nursery and we can;t do the driving to the country this year, which we have NEVER done, for the record. Last year, since we were out of town from the 2oth to the 27th, we didn't get a tree at all.

E. is loving the tree. He says hi to it every day. We just got the lights on it last night, so it's not even decorated yet. It smells great. Just not as far along as it was, pre baby.

Hope you all are staying sane. I know we aren't.
some christmas pictures

smile for the camera!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


lights from our adventure at the zoo.

I've been completely remiss of late, not posting, not commenting. It's like I did the 30 posts in 30 days challenge (I think I did 29) and then i dropped away with little else said. I've actually been quite busy. That's the reason for my absence. Quite busy, and some of the things that fell off behind my blogging efforts needed to be caught up on. Like folding laundry. and other stuff. Seriously, i've barely even been on facebook.

So what has been going on? Our staycation was awesome. Then it ended and the week that followed was hell on wheels. Just busy and too fast. Peanut has decided to nurse all the time again. And is going through a Mama period, so I miss him, but I know it will change eventually. I just get a few fewer hugs and cuddles.

He had a well baby appointment and that was good. He is 26 lbs now...and I forget all the other vital information. He got a DTP booster and didn't even cry. Just looked at it, and then at the nurse. Said owie. He got a bandaid and that was it. J had to work so I had to take him myself. The hardest part was getting his weight and measurements since he didn't have time to transition into the room. He kind of freaked out because he was afraid. Poor guy. He made it, but he didn't like it. He did have a rather swollen spot on his leg from the injection for a few days. It went away and he seems fine now. oh, and aparently he has an extra tooth. Anyone ever hear of such a thing? It's coming in a little sideways between 2 other teeth. Good times.

This weekend, E's cousin K (who is 5) came over and stayed the night on Saturday. That was fun, as e loves his cousin. I feel bad though, because e beats on k, and k is so nice and well behaved he never fights back.

Other than all that, and folding long ago cleaned laundry, I've been working out some sketches for the squirrel. It's fun making a squirrel. My dogs loves them. I may have to make her one too.
I've also been making a lot of bread. If you want to feel like a total kitchen genius, learn how to make "artisan bread in 5 minutes a day". It's Delicious and super easy.

Ok, I'm supposed to be doing something else. I better get to it.
Thanks for reading and understanding that I'm busy!! I'll try to post more again soon.

evolution? or just another human?I love this human!!

hugging the baby gorilla

Thanks for calling me out of my cave of silence, Kristen!! You look great!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Winner

So the random number generator picked .....................................
drum roll..........................................................................................................................
Leslie!!!! I know, I'm excited too.  Leslie wants a squirrel.  No problem.  I'm on it! Congrats Leslie.
For everyone else, sorry and thanks for reading and playing!
I really want to take a stab at making each of your ideas because they are so cool.
I have lot to say but I'm going to leave early today and catch up later.