Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthday Blog

Depending on my day, I might add more to this throughout the day.

Today is my birthday. I'm 36. I'm going to tell you 36 things about myself. You may already know them. You may not.

Here goes.

1. I was born on 12-22-73 at 22:22 hours.
2. I was born in Buffalo, NY
3. At sisters Hospital
4. during Hee Haw
5. i cried a lot as a kid
6. you might say I had a hair trigger temperament
7. i loved rudolf and santa
8. and my family of course
9. except my brother.
10. just kidding. i loved him too.
11. we are 14 months apart. every day with my son i realize what a big deal that is
12. since i was born my family has owned 5 dogs.
13. 2 died young. one of bloat. one of a collision with a car.
14. the collision with the car is one of my earliest memories.
15. i loved horses as a kid
16. and unicorns
17. i had a toy unicorn name uni.
18. it seemed like the perfect name
19. I also had a gazelle, named zelly
20. i was OBSESSED with the A-team
21. i was Face.
22. if you know the A-team you got that, if you don't, watch some A-team
23. I also loved bambi
24. and E.T.
25. i still love e.t.
26. we moved to NC when I was 8
27. where i acted out the A-team on a regular basis
28. you could say i was a tomboy
29. when I was 9.5 we moved to MA
30. When i was 11 we moved to germany
31. i was obsessed with the a-team still. also horses.
32. i rode my bike constantly
33. started to have boy friends
34. learned to play the flute
35. i tend to remember lots of childhood details
36. but i don't remember much about yesterday....


AJ's mommy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Liz said...

Yes, happy birthday again! I like this post, and apparently I need to watch some A-Team. It was not on tv anymore when I was old enough to watch and remeber.

Team Serrins Springfield said...

Well Happy Birthday! I love the way you did the list.

This Mom said...

Hope you had a GREAT birthday!