Monday, April 27, 2015


from our wedding this summer. He was a ring bearer and walked J down the aisle.
Well...I have been away from blogging for a very long time, but in an effort to kick-start my writing again, I am trying to blog at least every once in a while. No promises here, that I will get anywhere with this, or that I will post often or well...but here it goes.

E is now 7. He's so tall and lanky he's almost unrecognizable from the kid he was 2 years ago when I last posed, except he still has that killer smile, those gorgeous eyes. He's a beautiful kid and that's growing with him over time.

What can E do that he couldn't last time?
sleep alone
pee/poop alone
brush his own teeth


ride a bike without training wheels. In fact, he's now rifing a bigger bike than before because he has outgrown his previous bike. It's pretty awesome.

We went on out first trip alone together over spring break because J was sick and couldn't come. It was so awesome to travel with him and spend so much time hanging out with each other. Even though he is a grouchy pants sometimes, and sometimes he's really crazy, J and I both feel we love the person he is becoming and appreciate his sensitivities, his likes and dislikes, and his mind and heart.

from our wedding this summer

From the haircut he asked to get. His first "real" haircut he chose.

Hiking. Still my buddy.
He designed and wrote this card for his teacher.

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