Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today begins the 10 day countdown to the peanut's first birthday. We are having a party on the 21st, but his birthday is the 20th.

I'll admit I'm a bit in awe at the cliche that is this year. The speed of it. The specialness of it. The fact that I had no idea how much I'd love him. Even as the "other mother" i am staunchly protective of, physically attached to, and completely in love with this little guy. I can't even imagine how j must feel. I see him and i just want to take him up into my arms, just like the first time I ever saw him. (back then, i was amazed he was so big did that fit inside my tiny girl?)

Last night I was feeding the peanut yogurt. He was eating cheerios too, off his tray. Then he reached out for me to give him the yogurt bowl. It was close to bath time, so I figured it would be ok. Well that kid used his spoon to scoop up the yogurt and put it in his mouth. Not neatly or anything, but I was impressed. Since I'd be the first to admit that while I grew up with a little one in the house, I don't know much about child development, every time he does something new I think he's the most advanced amazing baby ever.

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Holly said...

The peanut is adorable! I'm sure he is an incredibly advanced baby!
It's funny as the "other mother" I often wondered if I would be as connected as my wife, or if Shmoo would be more connected to her. It blows me away every day how special my kid is to me. And every time he reaches for me or asks for me, my heart skips. Being a mom is so cool!
Hope his birthday was amazing! Keep blogging!
And thank you for the congrats on our blog!