Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Report, a bit late...and where did the sleeping go

first nap as a one year old

Peanut turned a year old. It was a wonderful thing to have happen. Aging is inevitable, but now that he's been in our lives for a year (well, longer now, since this post is really past the 13 months point) every day I think, this time last year, you were just starting to see, or just starting to nurse well, or we were all sick. So that's fun. Relations with my relations are improving again, which is also good. Peanut had an amazing birthday party where we crammed something like 24 people into 900 square feet of apartment. J's fam came from MN, and mine from in town. My mom got a great cake for our guests and with my sister made Peanut his own sugar free carrot cake. What an amazing gift!
Now that he's a year, Peanut also seems to be interested in fighting sleep. He's walking up a storm, signing about 10 signs, screaming when he's mad, and mad when we try to get him to sleep. Lately, we suspect that it has something to do with teething. That better be what it is. Or else I'm not sure what to do.
Peanut and Winnie, our dog.

Lately, in blog land, people who I've been following have been getting pg, and it makes me long for those times as well.

This post is all over the place.Peanut and Mommy...that's me.

Oh well. Peanut pics posted for fun. Birthday pics from his awesome and fun party.

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