Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter and crafting and Peanut

peanut, last easter

So it's been a busy month already. I don't know when that's going to stop being the case. Probably never. The weather has been moody and I have been tired of it, and Peanut is getting more mobile and more communicative every day, which is awesome. It's even awesome when he signs for "help" and i try to help him only to be met with a wave of wrong answers. I think he thinks the sign for help is to pick something up for him. He'll sign it even when he can get it. Of course, I encourage him to try to get it first, especially when it is at his feet...I'm not a total pushover.

This will be his second Easter, and I think we will go to church. For sure, my family is coming for a little Easter Egg hunt that we do indoors (too cold for outdoors) and then dinner. Since we're fighting to make ends meet, it'll be pretty modest. But they really just want to see Peanut, and we already paid for him. He loves my sisters kid (cousin k), who is almost five. The feeling is mostly mutual, except cousin k is almost 5 and well, that means a 13 month old holds him back from having complete fun. It's cute to watch Peanut follow him around and mimic what he does. And its fun to see cousin k negotiate the play with him.

For easter, we are also doing a few crafts. A pencil case for cousin k, and the same for peanut. And I'm making my mom a birdhouse from fabric that I was inspired to do from this artist. Mine is not as good. But it is my first.

And then handmade dishcloths. Plus we are making our own easter grass from recycled magazines.


Marcy said...

your peanut is ADORABLE. Peanut is one of our nicknames too for our little boy. Glad I have now found your blog :)

Sarah said...

Thanks! It's a fun nickname. DO you have a blog?
Thanks so much for commenting!