Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring is coming..or maybe it's here

Well, J is out and about with the Peanut today taking in all the warm weather. My office is dark, but I imagine them hopping from park to park, and from backyard to park. It sounds like so much fun. Peanut has been pure joy lately. He's definitely hitting toddlerdome. He can: open any drawer, open the fridge, turn on the tub water, climb everything that he can reach, bite through everything, remove his own diaper (thank goodness for onesies), run really fast, seem like he's not going to run and then run, melt my heart with a smile, tell what things are and what they do, express his opinions.

He's working on his sign still. He knows: more, eat, banana, nurse, bath, sleep, phone, potty, dog...probably more than that. And he says dog, mamma, mommy (sometimes), tea, and tries to say lots of other things.

Yesterday, he insisted on walking the dog, so he held the leash that we tied securely to his stroller. He looked so proud.

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AJ's mommy said...

That is so adorable that he insisted on walking the dog :) I love that.

Your son is adorable.