Friday, June 19, 2009


me and peanut. crappy cell phone picture.

Isn't he sweet? You should see him at 9PM. It has come the time in the peanut's life which sleep has become quite a challenge. Once asleep, he stays asleep. But getting there is a fight. No, a Fight. A big fight with a capital F. At naps, we wear him to sleep, and we do this for the night-time too, sometimes. But he wants to fight fight fight. Tear off my glasses, scream bloody murder, flail, cry. And this is with me singing him gentle lullabyes or to the gentle sounds of Baby Tad.

On the up side, he's proving to be a very physically active kid. He can climb most things in our house, and he knows how to use one thing (like a bucket) to boost himself up to climb on something else (a bookshelf). SO I guess that means he's smart and knows how things work.

he climbed up this slide about 45 times

He likes to stand on odd things, like a bucket or a laundry basket turned upside down. Also his potty.

Oh, speaking of the potty, and TMI moment...He actually did #2 in the potty last week. Kind of not on purpose...but still. It was awesome. Since we cloth diaper, I have lots of moments in which I feel completely grossed out by poop. I look forward to at least having the poop happen in the potty.

Being in a 2 mom household means that we split lots of chores. But being generally more butch than J and also being a different kind of worker than she is, I am in charge of all things gross. I do the diapers, I scoop the litter box. I train the dog. I walk the dog and pick up the poop. I clean up pewk from said dog, cat and baby (if I'm home when it happens). I do all the rodent, dead bird in the yard, spider killing duties. Some nights, I feel pretty grossed out. But I'm glad we cloth diaper. I'm glad we have pets (though i wish the cat would stop peeing on the darn floor.

Not sure where I'm going with this. Oh well. We've been pretty busy and are gearing up for vacation. I love vacation, but my mother who is generally unsupportive of my happiness doesn't and I anticipate some turmoil. This will be especially true since the vacation is with J's family. We go to a cabin on a lake in northern MN every year. I end up feeling a world of guilt for going every year, but enjoy myself while there. We're driving. It's about 10 hours. 8 to St Paul and another 2 the next day to the lake we stay on.

Last year my mom gave me a hard time about it and I just am not looking forward to that. This is one thing that I know peanut will look forward to and treasure as he gets older. a week of family time with many cousins and his grandpa and his moms.peanut at the lake last year with mommy

This post is all over the place. Anyone have any ideas about family balancing acts?

Finally, it's pride weekend here this weekend and I unfortunately have to work. But I'm proud of my life and I'm proud of my family that makes me a better person every single day! Speaking of thing I'm doing for pride is trying to discover new gay family blogs. I stumbled upon this one called It's Daddies Plural and found they are having a giveaway. Check it out! And I found them through John and Steve are having a Baby. They have a great post on a bunch of gay families in honor of pride. One of my favorite bloggers is there, which is how I found John and Steve. It really pays to surf surf surf!
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Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Thanks for stopping by. You have a beautiful family!! Happy Pride!

Holly said...

I wish I could give advice on the family juggling thing. We totally suck at it. We end up spending more time with Lo's family because they are closer and get more angry and hurt when we don't do things with them. My family is more laid back and we do what we can with them - although I much prefer my family! lol

The peanut is adorable! Good luck with the potty training. We're having some good moments and not-so-good moments with that. This summer will definitely be a challenge!

The peanut also sounds a bit like the Shmoo re: bedtime. We're working on that as well. Now that we are in the big boy bed, bedtime consists of him getting out about 3-10 times while trying to get him down. Remarkably, he has been sleeping through the night every night for almost 3 weeks! He used to wake up at 3 am and try to join us in bed.

I did the supernanny technique one night and it took me almost 2 hours (Shmoo is persistent). Lo kept telling me to give in to him, but I refused. The next night, he went down in 10 minutes. The next night, 5 minutes. It's all an experiment. I have no sure-fire answers! Good luck!

And thanks for the continuing support of our blog too!

AJ's mommy said...

We are recently in a bedtime battle again too. He doesn't want to go to sleep. He will do everything to fight it. I tried to let him cry a bit last night but couldn't do it. I just can't let him cry. I still feel horrible today for letting him cry for 5 minutes!!! Oh well I am sure it is just a phase.

The family balancing act is hard. I have no good advice :(

The family photo is awesome!