Monday, November 5, 2012

Pre-Election Jitters

I have been reluctant to admit how nervous I am about tomorrow. In lots of ways, whatever happens is inevitable. I just don't know what to expect. I think that this country is great. Like really great, and appreciate the voting process, etc, but I really remain uncomfortable with other citizens who hold the majority being able to vote on the rights of others. Yep...I am talking about the amendments to the definition of marriage, especially in my home away from home, MN. J is from MN...we go there a few times a year. I don't like thinking a place i often go would be willing to put an amendment in their constitution to render my relationship invisible or invalid.

J once told me a story about how when she was growing up and going to catholic school, every week or so the priest would take her and her brother aside and talk to them about how they felt about their parents being sinners, because her father was previously married to someone else and the marriage was never annulled. I thought of that today when I was pondering how our children (collectively...we still just have the one) might look back on their childhoods and our relationships.  For one, I'm not sending e to catholic school, and anyone says that to him has to deal with the likes of me and i am scary. But jokes aside...I want him to know that just because society doesn't want us to love each other or have rights, that doesn't make it ok. Society...the majority, even law can be wrong. Discrimination is wrong, no matter how many people voted for it.

I want him to know that we love him above all, and that we love each other...and our love is why he is here. Not science. Not greed. Not because we wanted to see what it might be like to have a baby. We have loved each other for 13 years. We had him just around 4.5 years ago. We wanted a family. The dream.

In my belief, the biology of it doesn't matter. My parents conceived all but one of us by accident. Heck, I was conceived in spite of an iud. They loved each other too. They don't anymore. But my "oops-ness" doesn't mean anything.  They loved each other. They made a baby.

My right to love who I love isn't on my ballot tomorrow. But I am going to vote for a president who I believe has my back on this. The first and only president who so far has said he supports my relationship.

Now if only I could sleep.

Ruby will watch the returns with me and some friends.

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