Saturday, September 13, 2008

The rain in the plains

Rainy Day. Today is my peanut day. I get most responsibility for peanut on saturdays and sundays. I love it and it also wears me out. He's napping now and j is out shopping for stuff we need. We all went to target earlier and finally got the fp space saver high chair that we've been wanting. So different from what we thought we'd want before peanut was born when we wanted a wooden one that was twice the price. This one was on sale so that was super cool. 

this blog is boring and i don;t know why anyone would want to read it.

we might go to the renegade craft fair tomorrow, if the rain quits. otherwise, just a quiet day at home and i'll try to take peanut over to my moms for a visit, which is always hard...but that's life.
alright. i am typing in the dark right now. and so i guess i should go check the laundry.

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J said...

this blog is awesome. I love it.