Tuesday, September 30, 2008

St. Paul

We have been back from ST. Paul for just about a week now and I've been too busy catching up and getting new tires and other car things to update this page. We had a great time in ST. Paul. It was fun to see peanut so engaged with so many people. He really lit up every room. Jen's mom taught him "high 5" and how to clap, and he actually used the clap on his own to clap for winnie the other day when we told her "yay" for leaving one of the baby's toys alone. He's so smart. He's been getting better at sleeping and moving around. He scoots (slides) backwards on the floor. We're still getting used to feeding him solid foods, but it's happening at least once a day. He likes pears the best.

We also got to meet the peanut's cousin, which was awesome. He was so cute and small, oh, my. I don't remember when peanut was that small. He was fascinated by the wee baby and I can't wait to see them in the future, wrestling and playing.

I also finished another peanut elephant for the new baby. That makes 3. i modified the tail on this one, making a flannel tail sewn on with the machine instead of the original that has a yarn tail sewn on with an upholstery needle.

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