Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Tired

So the Peanut was up every hour last night, or that was how it felt anyway. He's definitely teething, and maybe growing too. Regardless, it makes for a rough nights sleep for his moms. It's tuesday, and i also have to go to the dentist, yuck, so that's no good. Or if the peanut is reading this, mommy gets to go to the dentist, yeah! (we want to make sure he has positive feelings about the dentist since his moms are both dentist phobics)

Peanut's visit at my moms went well. He was charming and well received. This weekend we are headed to St. Paul to visit J's family. Her brother has a new babe and we're going to meet him for the first time. Peanut is excited.
I have a lot of crafting to do before that, and I'm not sure when I'll slip that into my day. I'm at work now, stealing from my job a few minutes to post this to the world. I want to make the new baby an elephant from Hilary Lang's pattern. Aptly named peanut. Here is the one I made for my Peanut.
I also made one for his friend noah. New baby's will be white with this cute nursery themed pattern. I'll post pics later on.

So today, in sum: dentist, tired, crafting anxiety.

Oh, wait. I want to post a picture of the dog. This is Winnie, or as she likes for people to know, the one they used to love the most before the baby.

Here she's waiting for food to drop. Peanut is eating, and she knows this means good things for dogs.

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