Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Moody Mahem


I am moody. He is moody. The sky turned cloudy and sunny all at once, and that too is moody. How many meltdowns this morning, let's see....
y'know...i'm too moody to list them. Let's just say, a bunch. And one was because I wouldn't let him pick up the dog poop. That one actually had tears involved. And him trying to run back into the house. yeah, that kind of day.

picking flowers in the yard, deep in thought.

sleeps with a fist.


DaniKel said...

don't you just love days like that? days that you just want to go back to bed just so you can wake up & start over. yeah, we all have them!

LOVE the pics! peanut is just adorable!!

Carrie said...

thank you so much for your comment to my blog. I really appreciate your comments, and I WILL look into the hypobirthing classes. Thanks for the tip!!! Sending hugs to you and you family. :)