Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday think think

fall is here, and with it, a hat

dressed up for the er. and sleeping away.

I am almost too tired to post, but I will. J has been a bit down for the count. Last week she sprained her wrist, resulting in her needing me for Peanut care. (and also a late night trip to the er cuz that thing looked like it was broken or out of whack) She couldn't use her wrist all week and is still not at full strength. I'm lucky that my job recognizes my other motherness and that it's not a big thing like it might be some places. But I am behind as a result, further behind than before. Plus the cost of the er visit. All the stay at home momness of last week got me thinking about how I would like to be home more. (I have 3 jobs, one full and 2 part time) And also, how it would be nice to have more childcare backups. Now, we are not in any position to move, but if we were, we'd for sure start looking, because Chicago kicks us in the buns financially. I said a week or so ago that things were looking up and they are. Jen has a job, and that helps. We are almost caught up on our major bills. I dunno...just pondering.

eating with a spoon.

On the Peanut side of things, he's started putting words together to make sentences, and that's been awesome. He's also saying a lot more, including his name, which is a bit hard to say. He says the dogs name, and has gotten that I am mommy and J is mama. He points at her, mama, then me, mommy, then at himself and says his name. How cool is that. He's constantly a chatter, with all his words. and if he's not talking about something he sees or knows, its, "bado bado lil lil." real cute babble. Then there is: "Nnnnnnno! uh uh.. no way." He also says thank you. and pees...I guess more importantly, he's always TRYING to say new things.

The molars are just about here. They keep causing misery and then not getting here. It's been months I think. Months of on and off pain and mood swings.

In sum, baby awesome. Finances, sucky. life, hectic (but great). I want to leave you with the best blog posting I've read in some time. I hope they don't mind me featuring them on my barely read blog. It's a letter to their son right before the arrival of a baby brother, and it's beautiful.

sleeping peanut


AJ's mommy said...

Your boy is adorable as usual. Sounds like he is really growing up too!

AJ's mommy said...

Oh and by the way... I read that blog regarding the letter to a new baby brother and that was an AWESOME post!!!

Kristin said...

I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could read yours. I was able to catch up on your archives and what fun to see how he's changed! I hope you continue to write and write often because I'm also sure that these memories you're capturing will be cherished.

Leslie said...

"In sum, baby awesome. Finances, sucky. life, hectic (but great)."

Sounds like my life!

Your boy is beautiful.