Tuesday, November 10, 2009

blogging AND crafting

Yes, that's right. I am making a stuffed elephant (wee wonderfuls) and blogging at once.
while I was cutting it out, my least favorite part, I made up a little rhyme about it.
josie my cat standing on the cut pieces

E's friend P turned 3
so I am making it for she
soon you will see
this elephant by wee.
sewn by me

here they are, complete pictures. Cell phone quality, but you get the picture:

and day one without pop tarts went off without a hitch...which is to say, I didn't eat any.


Liz said...

Yay for elephants and no pop tarts! What happened to the hedgehog?

Sarah said...

hedgehog is on hold till friday or saturday. The elephant was "due" because the little girl's birthday was Monday.

DaniKel said...

The elephant is absolutely adorable! I love it!!

Congrats on the no pop tarts!!

Tracy said...

super cute elephant!

Leslie said...

Love the elephant! It's so cute.

Jen said...

Nice Elephant, sweetie!