Thursday, November 12, 2009

not right now

today, i don't even know what it was an answer to at the time, Peanut answered a suggestion or a question (i think it was, lets get your diaper changed) with the phrase :
"not right now."

He's been using a lot of phrases lately, in fact, and the first use always catches me in a flutter of pride and excitement, as it should. I don't know much about language devel
opment, but I do know that I love when he tries to say new things.

That's all true, and the hyper parent in me is thinking where did he learn that phrase and does it indicate that we are too dismissive? Do we make him wait too long when he shouldn't have to? I do know that sometimes he makes a crazy request or suggestion, like wants to go visit his bff in the middle of the night, and we say not right now. Then he says 'tmorrow?'

yes baby. tomorrow. Or no baby, next week.

cold baby after picking apples a few weeks ago.

day 3 of pop tart challenge, ok!

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