Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Give it away give it away give it away now

Ok. For all my readers, yes, even you, I am offering a super fun for me and you (yes, you) giveaway. Not familiar with the concept giveaway on a blog? It's simple, I offer something, and you all, all my readers, you all comment, post about the give away on your own blogs, sign up to follow me, that kind of stuff (full details below) and on a given date (in this case, December 1st) a winner will be announced. Winner will be picked randomly.
Now, why is my (MY) giveaway special? Well, I'm giving you the chance to tell ME what YOU want. That's right. But wait...it's not, "i want an eye-phone." the giveaway will be a dance peanut softie and this gives you chance to think up a softie you want to see, and have me take a swing at creating it.

Winners will be selected randomly. You have to enter to win.
several ways to enter.

  • need some ideas? ask your kids, tell me your dream monster, think of a ridiculous combination (cat-horse or, um, elephant-fish --you know a fishaphant)
  • where's peanut? you're sweet to ask. asleep right now, but here he was in a leaf pile.

How to enter the "Dance Peanut Softie Adventure Giveaway":

1. Comment on this post and leave a detailed suggestion for a softie, for ex.: "wow sarah! I'm so excited about this giveaway that I wet my pants. Please make a rhino, a pink one."
a comment will give you one entry

2. if you Follow me that will give you 1 MORE entry. (but only if you comment. I wont know what to make you, otherwise.

3. Post about this Dance Peanut Softie Adventure Giveaway on your blog and that will get you 2 more entries.

So you could have a potential of 4 entries!!! right now, based on current comment trends, that would really make you have an unfair advantage, dear reader. But i won't tell if you won't tell.

full disclosure: since i started posting every day, I have felt a need to receive more comments than i generally do (oh, seeker of approval). I'm hoping this giveaway will bring quiet readers out of the woodwork and will also draw more readers to my blog.

And for those of you wondering, still no pop tarts. Today was hard but my resolve was strong.


DaniKel said...

Oh man - you were right on about the being 'super excited, so much that I wet my pants!' part! How did you know that I pee when I get excited! hehe Just kidding! Great idea about the give away! I am now a follower! YAY! Ok - so I LOVED the elephant that you made - but.... you have already made one of those! So - let me think???? ...... Can I get back to you on that? I want to see what I think Caelyn would want the most. She talks about kitties - and meows all the time - but she also loves dogs, and ducks, and cows, and horses, and sheep.... and if I were to win, this would be for her.... SO - I want to make sure I get the perfect Dance Peanut Softie - ya know??

So - I have SOO taken over your comments! lol It's early, I'm sleepy - so I am rambling more than usual!! :-)

AJ's mommy said...

You know I read faithfully! And now I am also a follower!!!

I WOULD LOVE to see a MONKEY softie... oh yes yes I would!!!

Sarah said...

Dani, sounds like a farm up there! and meg, a monkey, inspired!!!

Thanks you two.

So far, this is fun!!

Kristin said...

I did not wet my pets but I still want to play. A bird softie would be super cute.

Liz said...

hey sarah, no one reads mine, but I am making a post for it, and I didn't pee my pants either, but I do loooove your idea. I seriously need to learn to sew on a machine. I am thinking you should make a giraffe, and Laurie says a black bear. Loving that you are posting everyday, we get excited to wake up and see what you posted the night before.

Sarah said...

thanks kristen, no wet pants huh? You just wait a couple months! No, that's a joke. Jen never wet her pants.

and gee wiz liz and laurie, you guys are cute. I'm touched you look forward to my posts. I am glad people are reading. I'm enjoying posting every day!

This makes me want to make something for everyone.

Nancy said...

HI Sarah! I read all the time, but am guilty of never posting. Shame on me...

While you'd think I'd jump on the Giraffe bandwagon (Liz is clearly a bright woman), I am thinking Catfish. As in; part cat part fish. And mostly red.

Also, the pop tart thing? That is super cool. Very Lady Rider of you to stick to it! Proud Proud and a wee bit Jealous of your resolve!

Leslie said...

Oh, I would love to win a softie! Should I win, I would like a squirrel!