Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Spirit

me (looking puffy) and e: he wanted to get down
So I have a long weekend, and we have really been taking advantage of it. Yesterday we went to the Christkindlmarket downtown for some delicious wine from a boot.

Peanut enjoyed the fact of (though not the length of time on) the train we took to get there. The market itself was very crowded, and it was too crowded for our very walkie toddler to be walking. But we had promised him he would be walking and not in the ergo the whole time, so once we got someone more clear, we let him walk. That was when we found an awesome sax player playing some great festive tunes.  As is often the case (or always the case) he had his case open for folks to put money in. I gave the peanut a couple quarters. He shyly put them in, sneaking up and then back again, and then he asked for more.  i gave him another, same thing.  then i was pretty much out of money. so he says more, does the sign for more, and jumps up and down. So i say to him, knowing it's the wrong question, more music? He looks me flat in the face, no, more Money!
it was really cute.
today we went to the free zoo. it was awesome.  we went late in the afternoon and lucked out because it was also the first night of zoo lights. So much fun. I think this christmas is going to be awesome.  Watching p watch and experience the world is probably my favorite thing about being a mom.  We want to make the lights at the zoo a yearly tradition. I will post pictures from that later.
another cute cousin shot from turkey day


Team Serrins Springfield said...

Our kids are very much like that with giving money to Buddha. They get upset if I have no change or no more change.

DaniKel said...

That picture is absolutely darling!