Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some random things about me

what order are these in? Stream of consciousness order, of course.
  • i have never lived anywhere more than 8 years
  • i was born in buffalo NY
  • i have a lot of 22's in my birthday. 12-22 at 22:22 hours
  • i think the 22 thing is pretty cool
  • i lived in germany for 3 years when i was a kid
  • i have been mistaken for a boy many times
  • i have been mistaken for a grandma 3 times
  • i would rather be mistaken for a boy anytime
  • i consider myself a poet though i don't write poems anymore
  • i used to play the flute
  • i fantasized of being famous until we had our baby
  • i didn't wear a bra for about 3/4 of my twenties
  • i used to drink a lot of gin and tonics
  • when i was little, i cried a lot
  • i used to live on an island
  • i was a drum major for my marching band
  • one year, at band camp is and introductory phrase which applies to me
  • i wish i didn't look so old
  • i love positive reinforcement
  • 3 of the places i lived are actually vacation spots: Germany, Outer Banks of NC, Niagara Falls
  • i used to work on a farm
  • i was in the army reserves for 8 years
  • my father was my recruiter
  • my favorite dog breed is Mix, then english shepherd, then toller, then shiba inu
  • i have run in one full and two half marathons

me as a pumpkin
me carving a face for my pumpkin

1 comment:

DaniKel said...

Love getting to know you!

We vacationed in the Outer Banks in 2008. Corolla. LOVED IT! The best place I have ever vacationed!