Friday, November 27, 2009

sleep is for the weak

that's what peanut said yesterday, at nap time. Oh, he slept....but only for about 20 minutes.  

the beautiful start to a very short nap
Then he was up up up to party.
We went to my moms. A first in many years. We usually go to Detroit but the people we see there, J's fam, moved too far away to visit at thanksgiving. 
Dinner at my moms went better than I thought. E melted down a bunch, but when you skip a nap, that happens. He was super cute with his cousin and ate turkey, which is a big deal because he doesn't like meat very much.

with  the cousin

This good holiday makes me feel cautionarily optimistic about christmas. We are in town for both holidays this year. certain people i know who d not live in my house are a little stressie and sad at christmas, but it comes out as anger.

More on that later, or not.

For now, I'm going to leave it with the fact that we had a great holiday!

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Liz said...

Glad the holiday went well! The family makes it stressful...especially the in laws. I imagine you were smart and skipped the shopping and slept instead. A good choice might I add!

Nancy said...

Glad it went well! One down, one to go! Maybe we're all growing up and leaving the silly things that make us stessie behind (and by "we" I mean T!).

DaniKel said...

I am glad that it went well! Those pic's are great!!