Thursday, November 19, 2009


the peanut point

E and I have been taking nightly walks again. The difference now, is that instead of riding him on my back, he walks (or rather runs) with me. He's so funny too, as he just starts out with an announcement "i run." And in true peanut style, he then points to me and winnie, "run?"

It's been raining on and off here, and that creates one of his favorite things: puddles. He looks for them and stomps in them. Water? Puddle? Then he points to me. Wants me to step in them too. When we run out, he says and signs "more." This is all while holding winnie's leash, of course. Remember this? that was the beginning of him walking the dog. Now he always has to have it either tied to his stroller, or in his hand while he walks. I have second leash and I hold a leash too.

It's one of my favorite things we do together. I love having a baby.

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DaniKel said...

Walks are sooo much more interesting when you have a kid. You notice, and enjoy sooo much more! You may not make the distance you once used to, or in the time it took you before, but you see things in a whole new light when you see them through their eyes! It's amazing!