Sunday, November 8, 2009

Perfect Fall Day

Here in Chicagoland, as everywhere, I think, the weather has been crummy since, well, for a while. We had a mediocre summer, a crummy start to fall with very cold temps and lots of dismal rain. My backyard is a mud pit. When I say that, and I mean dismal, it rained for days, it makes what I am going to say next all the more meaningful. This weekend made up for everything!!

Made up for the days as dark as evenings, for the constant battering rain, the 45 degree days with gooey leaf puddles, made up for everything.

We took Peanut to the north park nature center today, kind of a wild place in the middle of the city. It feels like you are in the woods, though you can hear the traffic go by and the planes overhead from time to time. It's so beautiful and serene. And what's fun is being able to let peanut run free because there are no cars to worry about or houses for him to walk into. There was even some very interesting deer drama between two stags courting a doe. It was quite interesting. I was in heaven watching Peanut enjoy nature the way I do.

I will post pictures later. I want to now but my computer is very slow and I'm not in the mood to deal with it. Downloading the camera takes awhile.

this is a picture of peanut at a different nature center with his mama. She gets him out and doing things often.

one or two brief last notes...I want to without sounding pathetic, say that i really need to lose weight and am looking for some busy person ideas for that. I saw a picture of myself today that I couldn't believe.

Anyway, if you have any ideas, drop me a comment or two. And read my other posts this week. 8 posts in 8 days, and only 3 comments: thanks Leslie, Meg and Kristen!


Liz said...

Sarah, I wish I knew how to use my sewing machine so I could be crafy too. I like the penut elephants, you should make more of those ones, and another cool set I found on etsy are the ones like this.
Have a good day in Chicago weather, the Oregon weather is not much better.

gabrielle said...

hi Sarah, thanks for the comment on my blog, nice to find yours too. I love your softies and your wee boy is pretty cute too. You should sign up for my pay-it-forward than I can send you some kiwi crafting and you get to share some of yours

Laurie said...

Too lose weight, cut sugar out of your life any way possible. That means bread, potatoes, rice, and good ole fashion sugar. You will be surprised at how fast you lose.

Leslie said...

I've lost about 100 pounds in the past year. I actually started last November, now that I think of it. If I had to narrow it down to one thing that helped me lose, it was writing down what I ate. Every.Single.Thing. I counted my calories. It made all the difference. I also joined a Biggest Loser contest at my gym which gave me free acccess to a personal trainer three times a week and that certainly helped speed it along. But, writing down what you eat - I promise - is effective.

Sarah said...

thanks for your ideas ladies. sugar...yes, i have a bit if a sugar problem.